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Stuff is the perfect accessory for the place where members of the family meet when leaving or coming home. The coat rack wants to make this place as comfortable as possible by being flexible to different needs. It adapts to changing situations through a modular system. Kids can do a lot on their own but it also offers comfort for parents. The bench is at a standard seat height, reachable for Kids with the stool. They can stuff their hats, scarfs and jackets in the balloon or hang them to the lower branches. They can put the shoes on to the mat or just wait to get help. Without bars the bench becomes a children‘s table, the stool a matching seat, the mat a desk pad. Stuff is creating a family interplay out of every stressful situation.

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& Colour
wood: oak or beech, solid wood & birch plywood, sliced veneer
balloon: canvas (cotton), grey with red detail
mat: silicon, red
Dimensions bench: 118 cm (width) x 45 cm (height) x 41 cm (depth)
bars: 130 cm & 175 cm (height)
mat: 28 cm x 35 cm
Production handmade in Germany
Stuff can soon be ordered through our onlineshop.

About zickzack

ZickZack that’s Lea Klein and Judith Weber. At first sight very different, they have been close friends since going to school. While Lea pursued a career as an interior designer and later as an artist, Judith became a florist and then a product designer. Despite living in different cities they always kept in touch. When they both had their first child around the same time, the idea of designing intelligent furniture and sophisticated toys was born. Leaving behind the concept of the outdated cot, it is their dream to contribute to an environment that makes children happy and is aesthetically appealing to the whole family. Made out of carefully chosen material the items are produced in Germany ZickZack represents young and innovative design that is pleasurable to use AND look at.


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